CHOCOLATE - A creamy smooth, pure chocolate ice cream.

MICHIGAN POTHOLE - Thick, black-tar fudge in chocolate ice cream with chunks of chocolate asphalt.

AMARETTO CHERRY - Amaretto ice cream loaded with cherries and chocolate flakes.

APPLE CRISP - Cinnamon-apple ice cream layered with oatmeal crisp and topped with brown Betty swirl.

RUSH HOUR - Coffee ice cream with creamy, caramel swirl, and chocolate-coffee candy chips.

ESKIMO KISSES - Cool, coconut ice cream kissed with chocolate truffles and warmed by a thick blanket of fudge.

VANILLA - "1st Place" WDE Award Winner in 2011, "First Place" NICRA Award Winner in 2010, 2009, 2007,2005,2003,2002, 2000, 1999, 1997,1994, and 1993; LA County Fair "Gold Ribbon" winner, 2005: 100% Pure Vanilla.

PISTACHIO ALMOND-Pistachio nut flavored ice cream, with crisp, toasted almonds.

JACKED UP TENNESSEE TOFFEE - Toffee ice cream laced with smooth, whiskey sweet sauce and garnished with broken Heath bars. Uncle Jack will love this flavor!

MAJESTIC MILKY WAY - Chocolate malt flakes blended with a caramel fudge ribbon in milk chocolate ice cream.

Blueberry Burst - A burst of blueberry in every bite

PRALINE-N-PECAN - Vanilla ice cream swirled with a rich caramel fudge and loaded with candied pecans.

BUTTER PECAN - LA County Fair "Gold Ribbon"winner,2005: Sweet, buttery ice cream, and lots of pecan halves.

BAKE SHOPPE - Creamy, cookie dough ice cream with chocolate chip cookie dough and fresh-baked brownie bites, swirling with soft, chocolate fudge topping

COTTON CANDY TWIST - Bright blue cotton candy swirled with pink cotton candy nougat. The only thing missing is the stick!

Soft Serve Vanilla, Chocolate, and Swirl Soft Serve Ice Cream

Don't Settle For Basic Ice Cream Flavors

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There’s not much that can beat soft served ice cream on a hot summer day. Whenever you’re craving a sweet treat, make The Union Cafe in Downs, IL your first stop. We offer a wide array of soft served ice cream flavors, as well as creamy milkshakes and floats.

Along with soft served ice cream, you can also enjoy scooped ice cream in a dish or cone. We offer a variety of sizes and cones including regular cones, sugar cones, waffle cones and waffle bowls. Don’t forget about our special toppings too! You can also purchase quarts of soft served ice cream to-go. Call 309-378-0114 or stop by today to check out our fancy flavors.

What's your favorite flavor?

What's your favorite flavor?

We serve all kinds of milkshakes and weekly ice cream flavors. From floats and ready-to-eat cookie dough to specialty milkshakes and our soft served ice cream, you’ll be sure to find your new favorite treat. Stop by now to try a scoop.